Lenovo's fall lineup includes an all-in-one inspired by a tree

The company unveiled its latest products ahead of IFA.

Lenovo has unveiled its latest product lineup ahead of consumer electronics show IFA, and there's a lot going on. The range, which includes laptops, monitors, tablets and an all-in-one desktop, has been designed for mainstream shoppers with reasonable budgets looking for decent tech this holiday season, with everything touting smart, adaptive features and an accessible price tag.

First up, there are two new 13-inch Windows 10 Lenovo IdeaPad laptops, with up to 10th generation Intel Core mobile processors and a memory upgrade of up to 16GB. The beefier model, the S540, comes with rapid charge, Cortana and Alexa voice service capabilities, Dolby audio, a motion-sensing IR camera and hands-free biometric authentication.

The S540 also boasts Lenovo's Q-Control feature, which uses machine learning to monitor tasks running in the background and the laptop's temperature to control fans and optimize battery life. This means a quieter fan during a movie, or a snappier response during content creation. This one starts at $1,000 and is expected to drop in October.

Lenovo Chromebook

Also in the portable computing arena, there are a couple of new Chromebooks, both of which require no set up -- just log in with your Google account and you're good to go. The Lenovo Chromebook C340 (pictured) is a tablet and laptop in one, with a flexible 360-hinge and, at 11 inches, is smaller than an A4 piece of paper -- or you can go bigger with the 15-inch model. These will retail for $290 (available in September) and $430 (October) respectively. There's also the S340, a 14-inch touchscreen that doesn't come with a 360-hinge but does offer power and a 10-hour battery life in a light 3lb device ($250, coming in September).

Lenovo Curved Monitor

Elsewhere in the range there's the second generation of Lenovo's M7 and M8 tablets, with WiFi and LTE options, new kid-friendly modes and up to 12 hours of video playback (from $90, available in October), as well as two new monitors. The 28-inch L28u sports a 4K IPS wide-angle display, an anti-glare finish and ultra-thin bezel ($300, from November), while the 34-inch panoramic G34w gaming monitor (above) comes with 1500R curvature and an ultra-wide, 21:9 aspect ratio, plus a 144Hz refresh rate for greater clarity. You'll have to wait a while for this one, as it's not expected until February, when it'll be priced from $480.

Finally, there's Lenovo's style-orientated product: the IdeaCentre A540 Designed to emulate the balanced asymmetry of a Chinese Cypress tree, the all-in-one Windows 10 desktop comes with up to 9th generation Intel Core i7 CPU and AMD Radeon RX560 graphics, a hi-res QHD display option and Dolby speakers. It's available as a 24-inch or 27-inch model with an optional 10-point touchscreen, and it's covered with a charging base that'll juice up your phone, even if your PC is turned off. This one starts at $800 and will be available from September.