The next 'Apex Legends' event includes a sniper-focused mode

Voidwalker will also alter the map and intro more themed items to buy.

Respawn's latest Apex Legends event is relying on a time-honored opportunity to keep things fresh: challenge you to master a handful of weapons. The studio is running a Voidwalker event between September 3rd and September 17th that will include a limited-time Armed and Dangerous mode. You'll be limited to sniper rifles and shotguns, and loot as a whole will be harder to find. You'll want to be a crack shot if you want to avoid messy up-close fights.

The event also alters the map once more, introducing a facility with a portal that can give you an advantage or get you out of a jam. You'll have access to free loot, but you can also directly purchase a new range of (relatively) inexpensive themed cosmetics for $5 a pop.

There's no guarantee Armed and Dangerous mode will survive once the event is over, but Respawn is encouraging feedback. Whatever you like (or hate) about this game mechanic could influence future limited-time modes or the core experience. Much like its rivals at Epic, Respawn wants to see what works and use it to both reel people in and keep the game from growing stale.