You can once again pre-register to buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold

No pre-orders just yet, but it looks like Samsung is on track to launch the phone this month.

After a more than five-month delay, it looks like Samsung, true to its word, is on track to launch the Galaxy Fold this September. As of Monday, the company is once again allowing consumers in the US to pre-register to purchase its first foldable smartphone. The fact Samsung is allowing individuals to pre-register to buy the Fold suggests we'll see the phone finally make its way to consumers sometime later this month.

To be clear, pre-registering to purchase a device is not the same pre-ordering one. In this case, you're not putting down any money before the phone is available to buy. In fact, it's currently unclear whether Samsung plans to take Fold pre-orders this time around; there's no mention of whether you can pre-order the device on the company's website.

All things considered, it might be for the best if Samsung decides to forego pre-orders this time around. Over the summer, both carriers and retailers, including AT&T and Best Buy, canceled Fold pre-orders after the company delayed the device indefinitely. And while Samsung has shared details about how it re-engineered the Fold to address the durability issues that came up with some review units, the company still needs to prove the Fold is more than a paperweight.

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