Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold in September

Here's what Samsung's going to do about the Galaxy Fold.

Three months. That's how long it has been since Samsung announced it would delay the Galaxy Fold due to issues that arose after reviewers got their hands on its nearly $2,000 device. People pointed out a hinge that could let debris fall inside and its screen protector as problem areas, and Huawei similarly delayed its folding Mate X. We've had speculation about how the company could fix it, rumors that a redesign is complete and hints that updates are incoming, but very few official statements until now.

Samsung has revealed the next step for the Fold, which is to release the device in September in "select markets." The company listed several changes in its press release, and they're in line with the earlier rumors. Along with the press release, Samsung also released a gallery of photos of the device, and it looks to our eye pretty much like the Fold already did.

The protective layer above the Fold's 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display now extends beyond the bezel so people won't try to pull it off, and its hinge caps on the top and bottom are improved to protect against external particles finding their way in. There are also additional metal layers under the flexible display, and the space between the hinge and the body has been reduced.

Samsung didn't reveal what the "select markets" are that will get the Fold in September, only promising more details closer to launch. However, in the time that the hardware has been redesigned, the company says it's also been working on the Fold's software experience, which includes optimizing more "apps and services" to fit its unique capabilities.

We didn't experience any hardware problems with our review unit, but did run into problems with app compatibility, and the extra development time might be just the thing to fix that. Check out the video from our review this spring while we wait to get our hands on Samsung's second attempt at a foldable future.


Samsung has taken the time to fully evaluate the product design, make necessary improvements and run rigorous tests to validate the changes we made. These design and construction improvements include:

The top protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display has been extended beyond the bezel, making it apparent that it is an integral part of the display structure and not meant to be removed.
Galaxy Fold features additional reinforcements to better protect the device from external particles while maintaining its signature foldable experience:
The top and bottom of the hinge area have been strengthened with newly added protection caps.
Additional metal layers underneath the Infinity Flex Display have been included to reinforce the protection of the display.
The space between the hinge and body of Galaxy Fold has been reduced.

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