'Gears 5' launch trailer highlights the variety of game modes

It includes seemingly everything, including cameos.

Microsoft is determined to pull out all the stops for the imminent Gears 5 release, and that includes showing how it pulled all the stops for the game itself. The tech giant has posted a definitive launch trailer that showcases the cover shooter's five main modes, including the shiny new Escape co-op mode, an updated Versus with an accessible Arcade element, an expanded Horde mode, the Map Builder... oh, and the actual story.

The clip is also an excuse for Microsoft to trot out Gears 5's multiple guest appearances. If you splurge on the game's Ultimate Edition or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can expect two Spartans from Halo: Reach as well as Terminator: Dark Fate's Sarah Connor and T-800. You'll even have access to Dave Bautista on September 15th. Yes, they're not-so-subtle ploys to convince you to spend extra, but they do show how much is riding on this game for Microsoft. It's not just a money maker -- it's also the Xbox One's last hurrah before the next-gen model takes over.