After Math: The NFL goes full geek

With this much tech, you'd think they'd have a handle on the concussion problem.

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Andrew Tarantola
September 8th, 2019

The NFL is matching brains with brawn for its 100th season. Fans will be able to enjoy faster in-stadium internet, deeper insights into their local teams and virtually trade their favorite players like sentient trading cards (but only in New Jersey). Here are our top gridiron headlines of the week.


Verizon brings 5G coverage to 13 stadiums as NFL season begins

Nearly half of America's football stadiums are getting next-gen wireless connectivity upgrades ahead of the 2019-2020 season, presumably to give fans something to entertain themselves with while the refs take yet another look at the previous play for the third time this drive.


'Madden NFL 20' gets a wild five-minute match mode

For fans who want to watch a game without the incessant instant replays, Madden 20 has you covered. The vaunted football franchise is introducing a fast-paced "Superstar KO" mode that lasts a fraction of the time regular exhibition games do.


The NFL's new TikTok account is all about highlights and sideline moments

Wish you could hang out on the 50-yard line with your favorite team but don't have the seven-figure income to support that dream? Fear not, the NFL is partnering with TikTok (ask your kids what that is) to deliver "packaged highlights, sideline moments and behind-the-scenes footage."


Fox is the first US sports network to put its name on a gambling app

There's a new betting app in town. Well, in state. That state being New Jersey, that app being Fox Bet. It's the first time Fox Sports (the folks who produce coverage for Fox's NFL broadcasts) has lent its name to a betting app. It's only available in the Garden State at the moment but is expected to expand to more markets in the near future.


Yandex will stream every NHL game for free in Russia

Then again, football isn't for every sports fan. That's why machine learning powerhouse Yandex has just inked a multi-year deal with the National Hockey League to broadcast the entire 2019 season (including playoff games) in Russia, for free. More Ovechkin for everybody!

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