Samsung's Galaxy Fold will have support from 'hundreds' of apps

This includes big names like Facebook and Spotify.

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Cherlynn Low/Engadget
Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Foldable phones aren't worth much without apps that can take advantage of their screens -- Huawei even postponed the Mate X to give app makers more time to optimize their titles. That might not be much of a problem now that the revised Galaxy Fold is finally ready to make its debut. Samsung revealed that it has worked with Google and developers to bring Fold support to "hundreds" of apps, including big names like Amazon Prime Video, Facebook, Spotify and Twitter. This comes after Samsung and Google set up test labs that have spent months helping app makers fine-tune their work for the Fold.

The news also comes alongside details of how Android 10 improves foldable phone support. It's better at resizing apps and resuming them across screens, while developers have a new emulator to help them test multi-display switching. You should see more apps that work with foldable phones as a matter of course, even if there won't be many devices that can use them.

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