Apple Watch Studio lets you pair any band and case

You might find the exact combo that suits your style.

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Chris Velazco / Engadget
Chris Velazco / Engadget

To date, you've had fairly limited ways to create Apple Watch band and case combos -- retail only has a small number of each to try out, and even the web configurator only lets you go so far. You won't be left wondering for long, at least. Apple has unveiled a Watch Studio for its retail and online stores that will let you pair any band with any case. That's 1,000 pairings, Apple said. The company didn't outline the differences between the two (besides retail's advantage of physical try-ons, of course), but the in-store crowd will get to see combinations on iPad kiosks.

It's not surprising that Apple would go this route. Personalization has been a staple of the Apple Watch from the start, and it's an easy way for the company to make money from fans who want a custom look or just like to switch styles. You might be more likely to buy an Apple Watch if you know you can easily create a specific look, and that might lead you to snap up more bands in the future.

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