Apple's iPhone XR and iPhone 8 get big price cuts

The iPhone XR dropped by $150, while the iPhone 8 went down $100.

If you're not jumping straight into the future with Apple's new iPhone 11 family, picking up a slightly older model is one way to upgrade without spending "flagship" money. Now that the new phones have been announced you can pick up the previous-gen for even less, now that price cuts have been announced for the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR.

The two-year-old iPhone 8 now starts at $449 without any sales or discounts, while last year's mainstream model, the XR, is available for $599. You won't get the latest and greatest hardware -- can you live without Deep Fusion photography? -- but these phones are still slated to receive iOS updates that keep them secure and add new features, including iOS 13 when it's released later this week.