Amazon's Fire tablets and Kindles are on sale for Prime members

Just ahead of possible new models.

Amazon's next big hardware event is just days away, and it appears the tech giant is using that as an opportunity to provide hefty discounts for Fire tablet and Kindle models for Prime subscribers. Most notably, Prime members get $40 off the Kindle Paperwhite (down to $90), and $25 off the base Kindle (now $65) -- if you've been looking for an e-reader for the daily commute, it might not get much better than this for a while. It's also a good time to look for a basic tablet for young ones, as Amazon is lopping $40 off the price of both the Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet (reduced to $60) and its Fire HD 8 counterpart (down to $90).

Don't worry, grown-ups, there are sales on the standard Fire tablets as well. This year's Fire 7 tablet costs $30 for a 16GB version after a $20 Prime discount, while the Fire HD 8 starts at $50. Neither is particularly powerful, but at these prices it might not necessarily matter. They'll still do the trick as video viewers and ad hoc Alexa speakers.

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