‘John Wick Hex’ comes to Windows and Mac October 8th

The next game from the creator of 'Thomas Was Alone' and 'Volume'.

John Wick Hex, the top-down strategy game based on the film franchise, arrives on Windows and Mac October 8th. You can pre-order the game now, and it will be available exclusively via the Epic Games store for $19.99.

The games is the latest by Bithell Games' Mike Bithell, the creator of popular indie titles Thomas Was Alone and Volume. It's saturated with comic-book style art, and Bithell Games worked closely with the films' stunt coordinator, JoJo Eusebio, to make sure game-John moves like movie-John. Just like in the films, your ammo supply is limited, so you'll want to count your shots and choose carefully when to reload. The strategy here is all about time management.

Earlier this year, Bithell said John Wick Hex will eventually make its way to other consoles, but there's no word on which or when just yet.