Tinder’s ‘Swipe Night’ show lets users swipe to control the plot

The interactive apocalyptic adventure premieres October 6th at 6pm.

Tinder is about to modernize the choose-your-own-adventure plot. Today, the company confirmed rumors that it's launching an original show, Swipe Night. In true Tinder style, you'll watch on your phone and decide how the story unfolds by swiping left or right at key points. Your decisions may improve your dating matches.

The show is an interactive "apocalyptic adventure." It follows a group of friends navigating the end of the world, and you'll assume a first-person role as a member of the group. At key turning points, you'll face dilemmas and will have to make choices that dictate the plot. You'll only have seven seconds to decide, and there's no going back. Your decisions will be added to your profile, so matches will be able to see how you'd handle disaster.


Beginning October 6th, Tinder will release a new episode every Sunday at 6pm local time. It will be available for just six hours, and the first season has a six-episode run. "Now that half of Tinder members are Gen Z (18-25), we've built an entire experience that speaks their language," Tinder wrote in a blog post. "We can't think of a better way to break the ice than over emojis and the apocalypse."

There is some hope for Swipe Night. It's directed by Karena Evans, who has directed music videos for Drake and won the 2019 BET Award for Video Director of the Year. Evans is working with writers Nicole Delaney of Big Mouth and Brandon Zuck of HBO's Insecure. "We jumped at the chance to work with a brand like Tinder," Evans said. "They gave us the opportunity to experiment with new ways to tell a story, with a highly-engaged, diverse community that's incredibly open-minded."