Amazon's version of AirPods will reportedly offer fitness tracking

We don’t know whether we’ll see the earbuds at Amazon’s September event.

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Antonio_Diaz via Getty Images
Antonio_Diaz via Getty Images

Amazon's yet-to-be announced Alexa-powered wireless earbuds could also double as a fitness tracker. CNBC reported today that the earbuds, deemed "Puget", will come with a built-in accelerometer that can track your run, the calories you've burned and your pace. We heard rumblings that Amazon is working on a competitor to Apple's Airpods earlier this year, but this is the first indication that it will also work as a health device.

It's unknown when exactly we'll catch a glimpse of these earbuds. Amazon is expected to unveil a host of new devices at its big hardware event on September 25th. As is typical, the company has remained silent on what exactly we can expect from the event. If last year is any guide, there will likely be some surprises in store. CNBC also reported that the company is working on an Echo device with better sound quality for music -- a rumor that we've heard before -- so we may see that item debut at the event as well.

Fitness tracking capabilities and a lower price could certainly give the new Alexa earbuds an edge over Apple's Airpods. AirPods are currently the best-selling wireless earpods in the world, making up 60 percent of the global market. But for Android users or those hunting for more affordable options, Amazon's upcoming entry could be an attractive alternative.

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