Waze can take commands from Google Assistant anywhere in the US

The rollout comes after some limited testing earlier this year.

Google Assistant is officially available for all English-speaking Waze users in the United States. Waze announced the rollout last week after making the feature available in limited test runs earlier this year. The integration will give users the opportunity to ask Google Assistant to perform commands while on the road without requiring the driver to take their hands off the wheel into interact with the Waze app.

Getting started with Google Assistant on Waze won't require an app update -- the change is done server-side, so it should be readily available to you right away. To enable it, open up the Waze app on your device of choice. You should be greeted with the Google Assistant right off the bat, but if you aren't, tap the microphone or navigate to Settings, open Voice & Sound and Google Assistant. Tap "Enable now" and it should start working with the Waze app.

Once Google Assistant is enabled, you'll be able to run a considerable number of commands through the voice assistant. Say "Hey Google" to activate it, then give it a command like "navigate home" or "navigate to the closest coffee shop." The AI should do the rest for you. You can also do things like report traffic slow downs, pot holes, change to alternate routes and get an update on your estimated time of arrival, all by asking Google Assistant.