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Echo Flex is an inexpensive way to put Alexa in any outlet

Amazon has an Alexa for everything.
Roberto Baldwin
Roberto Baldwin|@strngwys|September 25, 2019 2:14 PM

Not content with the rather larger number of Alexa devices already on the market, Amazon just announced the Echo Flex that plugs directly into the wall. Sort of like a Glade Plugin. But instead of a pine fresh smell, it integrates into the growing Alexa universe.

The Echo Flex starts at $24.99 and includes a USB pass-thru for charging your devices so you're not totally losing your outlet to the voice assistant. But Amazon has also created an API for that USB port. It gave early access to two developers that have created a motion sensor and a smart nightlight.

The USB accessories will be $14.99 each.

The tiny Flex does have a speaker, but Amazon says it's on par with that of a smartphone. Not ideal for music. Hopefully, that USB port can be used to add a speaker port so if you do happen to use this in your garage, it's able to kick out the jams while you build a boat, cabinet, or just hide from your family during the holidays.

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Not now

Also, a controllable Glade Plugin accessory would be nice.

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Echo Flex is an inexpensive way to put Alexa in any outlet