Ring's new home security gear includes its first indoor camera

There's also an alarm kit to upgrade your security setup.

Amazon's deluge of hardware launches isn't limited to Echo devices -- it's showing Ring some attention as well. To start, it's introducing its first indoor-focused camera, the (aptly-named) Ring Indoor Cam. As you can see above, it's considerably more compact than Ring's existing options and can tuck into just about any place in the home. It's also the most affordable Ring camera to date, going on sale today at a not-too-unreasonable $60.

There's also a revised Stick Up Cam for those who want outdoor support and more overall flexibility. It can run off a battery, wall power or a solar power add-on. Really, though, the main allure is the price -- it costs $100, or about 30 percent less than the old model while preserving the usual 1080p recording, motion detection and night vision. Pre-orders, once again, start today.

Privacy will be more of a focus for Ring's security cameras, regardless of which model you get. Amazon is introducing a Home mode in November that will stop recording audio and video while you're present. You won't have to worry that an unscrupulous person might swipe the footage and pry into your personal life.

And if you're concerned about alerting authorities, there's a Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit that can integrate your home's existing security system hub with a Ring Alarm setup. It'll ship in November either by itself for $200, or bundled with an Alarm Hub for $376.

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