Apple's improved Maps expand across the northeast US

The region joins California and Texas in getting better maps and more features.

Apple is starting to roll out its major Maps update more broadly across the US. It overhauled the app for iOS 13 with revamped maps for parts of California and Texas, and now it's expanding its new and improved Maps across the northeast US.

From Monday, folks in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Washington, DC and areas of Virginia and West Virginia can access more detailed maps, according to CNET. Reports emerged last month, before iOS 13 launched, that people in some of those states were already seeing more comprehensive maps in the app. Engadget has contacted Apple for clarification.

The new-look Maps brings broader coverage of road networks, refined pedestrian data, increased land cover detail and more accurate addresses. If you're in those aforementioned locales, the app should offer more realistic renderings of buildings, parks, marinas and beaches. In addition, there are indoor maps available for some US malls and airports around the globe.

The Look Around feature -- Apple's version of Google Street View -- allows you to peek at various aspects of a location. With Collections, you can pull together and share lists of places, and a favorites option offers navigation to the places you go to every day. Apple is touting real-time transit information and flight updates as features of the app too, along with improved turn-by-turn directions. You'll also be able to share your estimated time of arrival to a destination as well.

While Apple announced the Maps update in June and launched it on a limited basis with iOS 13 earlier this month, it might be a while before you can use the overhauled version if you're not in one of the areas mentioned above. Apple aims to expand the upgraded app across the US by the end of 2019, and elsewhere in 2020.