'Apex Legends' Season 3 debuts with a new hero and new map

It's the biggest update to the battle royale game since launch.

If Apex Legends felt like it was getting a little stale, you'll be glad to hear it just got a breath of new life. Respawn and EA have launched Season 3 as promised, bringing with it both the recon-oriented hero Crypto and, importantly, the first new map since launch. World's Edge includes a much more varied landscape with icy hills, dangerous lava and other challenges. It'll be the only map you can play at this stage, although Respawn aims to bring King's Canyon back once it studies "data, sentiment and feedback."

As for Crypto? He's focused primarily on pinpointing enemies using his aerial drone, including a passive ability to see what the drone sees up to 30 meters (98 feet) away. He's also a good counter for Caustic and Wattson with an EMP Ultimate ability that destroys traps and walls while weakening shields and slowing players.

There's considerably more, of course. A distance-oriented Charge Rifle takes time to warm up, but can deliver massive damage if you stay on target. Guns can now carry charms if you want an extra flourish. Loads of fire- and ice-themed cosmetics are available. And you can expect a raft of tweaks, including wider access to the "Executioner" perk (you no longer need gold armor to get a shield refresh), new kitted weapons and new weapon add-ons that reward more deliberate shooting.

You'll still need to spend cash if you either want the rewards of the Battle Pass or don't want to grind for Crypto and other items. You might have a better reason than usual to pay, though, especially if Crypto's cautiousness suits your play style.