TiVo Edge DVR adds Dolby Vision to become the ultimate binge box

TiVo Edge comes in two versions: a cable model and an antenna model.

TiVo has launched a new device that could make binge-viewing sessions across multiple subscriptions a lot more manageable. It's called the Edge, a DVR-slash-live TV-slash-streaming player for cord cutters that hasn't been a secret for a while now -- the company even gave one to a forum member a few days ago after they complained about their existing boxes' issues. The TiVo Edge is available in two versions: a cable model that can record shows from cable channels and an antenna model, which can record free over-the-air HD shows.

Both of them have Dolby Atmos capabilities for three-dimensional sounds and -- for the first time in TiVo boxes' history -- Dolby Vision HDR for rich and sharp pictures. They also have access to TiVo's OnePass, which can line up all the episodes for a title regardless of the source. Say, only the show's first season is on Netflix or Hulu, while its second just finished airing on cable. OnePass can make both the streamable episodes and ones recorded from cable available from one place. Both devices can also be set to automatically skip eligible commercials, even entire commercial breaks.

In addition, the company has announced the TiVo+ service, which combines live streaming channels, movies and shows from different genres. It will feature titles from partner publishers and content creators, including TMZ, FailArmy, Ameba, Food52, Cheddar, Tastemade and others.

Dave Shull, TiVo president and CEO, said:

"Today people face confusion and overwhelming choice when it comes to home entertainment -- US households have an average of 7.2 entertainment subscriptions, and that's growing all the time. Everyone at TiVo is passionate about helping viewers make sense of that sea of options by bringing all their entertainment together in one place. TiVo+ and TiVo EDGE will make it easier for viewers to find and enjoy watching what they love across live TV, DVR and online streaming services."

While TiVo+ doesn't have an exact release date yet (it is rolling out in the coming weeks, though), the TiVo Edge is now available. The antenna model will set you back $350, not including its required service plan that costs $7 a month, $70 a year or $250 for a one-time All-in-Plan payment. Meanwhile, TiVo Edge for cable costs $400, with a service plan priced at $15 a month, $150 a year or $550 all-in.