'Stranger Things' VFX artists show how imploding rats came to life

See how they built a virtual Starcourt Mall and monsters for the Netflix mega-hit.

Stranger Things 3 packed plenty of punch, not least because of the horrifying monsters that terrorized the residents of Hawkins. A great deal of work went into the creatures and the rest of the season's visuals, and VFX house Rodeo FX has released a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the effects came into shape. The videos spoil some of the season's more impressive shots, so you might want to hold off if you haven't finished Stranger Things 3 yet.

The three breakdown videos give a glimpse into how Rodeo FX created virtual environments (including a digital Starcourt Mall), imploding rats and moving blobs of goo. Others offer some insight into melting humans and the gloopy hospital monster -- including a man in a red spandex suit and silver helmet the production team used as a reference point for the creature.

It's always fascinating to see how VFX artists piece together CG elements, particularly for such high-profile projects. The videos are definitely worth a look if you're a Stranger Things fan, though perhaps not while you're eating -- many of the effects the reels break down are impressively gross.