Audio experts: Share your expertise on the Powerbeats Pro headphones

How would you score Beats’ first pair of true wireless earbuds?

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Audio experts: Share your expertise on the Powerbeats Pro headphones

When senior editor Billy Steele reviewed the Powerbeats Pro back in May, he was impressed by the sound quality and many of the set's features. Though Beats took its time releasing a pair of true wireless headphones, Billy found it well worth the wait for solid battery life, significantly improved sound and ambidextrous controls. However, he was less thrilled by the huge charging case and Lightning port, the iffy treble and the hook shape which might not be a good fit for all users.

If you use the Powerbeats Pro, how do you feel about the hook design? Is it comfortable for you even while wearing glasses or a hat? Did you feel that the Apple H1 chip was faster at pairing than its W1 predecessor? How were the range and connection? Tell us, as well as your fellow readers, all the things that these wireless headphones do well (and anything they bungled) in a user review on our Powerbeats Pro product page! Don't forget that your review could be included in a future user review roundup article, so include plenty of details (and if you're pressed for time, you can always leave just a score).

Note: Comments are off for this post, but we'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on our Powerbeats Pro product page!

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