'Stranger Things' is coming to 'Rocket League' for Halloween

The Mind Flayer will cast a shadow over a revamped Farmstead Arena.

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Rocket League's annual Halloween event is about to get underway and this year, it'll be a crossover with Stranger Things. The Farmstead Arena will take on a distinctly Upside Down vibe, and the Netflix mega-hit's terrifying Mind Flayer will cast an ominous shadow over the field. It's not quite clear yet how or if the monster will affect your attempts to score goals, but Psyonix warned players to "make sure to look after your teammates."

As well as the revamped arena, there'll be plenty of Stranger Things cosmetics with which you'll be able to kit out your battle-car and banner. You can earn candy corn to spend on treats from the Haunted Hallows event store. Items you can pick up include wheels with the Starcourt Mall logo, Dustin's Camp Know Where hat (as a topper), a Demogorgon player banner and a Scoops Ahoy-themed avatar border.

Haunted Hallows will run from October 14th to November 11th after this month's Rocket League update drops. As with other events, there'll be an extra three-day redemption period for you to buy some more items with leftover candy corn.

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'Stranger Things' is coming to 'Rocket League' for Halloween