Volvo's electric XC40 will use an Android infotainment system

It's following in Polestar's footsteps with a Google-powered platform.

Volvo's electric XC40 will represent an upgrade to in-cabin tech, not just the powerplant. The automaker has continued its teaser campaign for the EV by revealing that it will use an infotainment system based on Android Automotive, just like the cars from its Polestar performance brand. That provides access to handy Google services like Assistant, Maps and the Play Store, but it's also a milestone for Volvo itself. This will be the first Volvo to receive over-the-air updates for its core software, not just apps and map data -- your center console won't be frozen in time.

This being Volvo, there's also a safety angle. Google Maps data will help improve the XC40's driver assistance by identifying curves and speed limits. You can also expect some tie-ins to existing services, such as Volvo On Call's ability to find your car in the parking lot or share it with friends using a virtual key.

Volvo officially takes the wraps off the electric XC40 on October 16th. It still has to answer key questions about range, availability and price. However, what info it has dribbled out so far suggests that it's using the electrification as an opportunity to rethink some aspects of the overall XC40 design.