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Facebook and Messenger’s new camera filter, stickers focus on mental health

To help the cause, the company will donate money to different organizations.

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Facebook and Messenger’s new camera filter, stickers focus on mental health

In honor of World Mental Health Day, Facebook has launched a couple of features that it hopes will bring awareness to the cause and help people who may need emotional support. For starters, it worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) to create a camera filter for Facebook and Messenger Stories called "Let's Talk," which the company says is designed to be an invitation for friends or family to reach out for support if they're struggling. According to Facebook, based on a survey it conducted in the US, UK and Australia, 80 percent of people who participated said they could be more honest when using messaging apps, rather than speaking to someone in person -- hence why it thinks these features could be helpful.

Additionally, Facebook is rolling out a "Let's Talk" pack for Messenger that includes 16 stickers, each one with a different message that you can send to people on the app. Pictured above, the sticker pack includes messages of support like "Let's Talk" and "You Are Not Alone," or "Feeling Alone" and "Got A Sec?" if it's you who needs to talk to someone. Every time one of these stickers is sent, Facebook will donate $1 to a group of mental health organizations around the world. Altogether, the company says it plans to make up to $1 million in donations.

If you do feel as if you or someone else needs professional help, though, Facebook is suggesting you get in touch with local, state, federal or international organizations immediately. Below, you'll find the full list of nonprofits Facebook will be assisting, as part of its "Let's Talk" initiative:

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