Pixel 4 pre-order at Best Buy Canada confirms key specs

Are there any surprises left for Google's next phones at this stage?

Believe it or not, the Pixel 4 leaks still haven't stopped ahead of Google's October 15th event. Best Buy Canada briefly posted (and has since pulled) a pre-order page for Google's new phones that confirmed numerous details. Both the regular Pixel 4 and its XL counterpart should have dual rear cameras (12-megapixel main and 16-megapixel telephoto), speedy Smooth Displays and Snapdragon 855 processors with 6GB of RAM. It also alludes to hands-free controls as Quick Gestures and suggests you'll once again have a promo that offers unlimited full-quality photo and video uploads to Google Photos -- at least, for a while.

The pre-order page only allowed deposits on 64GB versions in black or white, although 128GB and coral-colored Pixel 4 models are expected. There wasn't any pricing or availability, so it's not clear how soon the phones will be available or if they'll carry a premium over the Pixel 3.

Best Buy's listing leaves a number of unknowns regarding the devices s. Will raise-to-talk and other next-gen Google Assistant features be available at or soon after launch, for instance? The product page didn't mention these, but they're not necessarily off the table. Google may still have a few surprises left on the 15th, even if they aren't as many as the company might like.