Google stuck a giant coral Pixel 4 ad in Times Square

If you can’t beat the leakers, join them.

It looks like Google definitely plans to release a coral-colored variant of the Pixel 4. On Monday, the same day the company invited journalists to its October 15th event in New York City, Google put an ad up on the Marriott Marquis building in Times Square. The ad, first spotted by Reddit user 'LousyTX,' invites onlookers to put October 15th in their calendars. More interestingly, it gives us our first official look at the Pixel 4 in its vibrant new color. The model had leaked in the multiple pre-release hands-on videos that were uploaded throughout last week.

With how much the Pixel 4 has leaked in the past few months, Google has taken the novel approach of sharing tidbits of information about the phone ahead of launch. When the Pixel 4 first leaked, Google shared an official render of the device. Subsequently, the company detailed the phone's Soli functionality, which will allow you to use hands-free gestures to control some aspects of the device. This new ad is part of that same strategy. It's a tacit acknowledge by Google that the information is already out there.