The Pixel 4 XL is the worst-kept secret of 2019

Google's upcoming smartphone stars in two pre-release hands-on videos.

In what's become a seemingly annual tradition for Google's Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 4 has appeared in its first pre-release hands-on. And not just one, but two. The first comes courtesy of Vietnamese YouTube channel AnhEm TV, and it corroborates a lot of the information that's been floating about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in recent months.

To start, the video offers a detailed look at the white Pixel 4 XL. If you were a fan of the 'panda' model Pixel 2 XL, you'll be happy to learn Google is bringing back the color variant. This version of the Pixel 4 XL features a white back contrasted by matte black front panel and sides. It even includes the accented orange power button of its predecessor. In a separate video posted by Rabbit TV, we also get a look at the black model and a third coral-colored variant.

Moving back to the AnhEm TV clip, we also get a detailed look at the Pixel 4's Setting's menu (all of which is in English). Here we get confirmation that the phone will feature a smooth 90Hz display, with the ability to dynamically switch to 60Hz depending on the content that's on-screen. With phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro that feature 90Hz displays, the user interface feels and looks more responsive thanks to the screen's faster refresh rate.

In the display settings, we also see a feature called "Ambient EQ". This is another new feature that's been rumored for a while. Ambient EQ is essentially Google's take on the iPhone's True Tone functionality. The Pixel will adjust the color temperature of its display to match the ambient light in a room. Apple says this feature reduces eye strain at night, and Google is likely to make the same claim. One last interesting tidbit of information is that the Pixel 4 includes a new pre-installed 'Recorder' app. We, unfortunately, don't see the app in action, but it'll likely allow Pixel 4 owners to record audio without downloading a separate app. It's possible the app may allow individuals to capture what's on their display as well.

With the Pixel 4 not expected to launch until sometime this fall, we're likely to see, despite Google's best efforts, more leaks before the phone is out. One potential launch date is October 15th. That date comes from a render that was shared by leaker Evan Blass. We'll likely see if it's accurate soon.