TiVo's 'free' streaming service starts rolling out

TiVo+ gives you a mix of live channels, movies and more.

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Jon Fingas
October 15th, 2019

TiVo's leap into streaming services is underway. The DVR creator has started rolling out TiVo+ to users, who should see it pop up on their devices in the "next few weeks." The service is 'free' for TiVo customers and will deliver 26 channels of live and on-demand TV shows and movies, including dedicated channels for the likes of Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen/Kitchen Nightmares), TMZ and Unsolved Mysteries. They won't make you rethink your cable package -- these are classics and viral videos rather than the latest blockbusters.

That's not really the point, though. This is an incentive to stick with TiVo devices on top of their core DVR features, and could be particularly helpful for people who don't to launch apps to watch online videos. And TiVo isn't shy about courting advertisers -- this is another way to make money from viewers beyond the cost of their set-top boxes. You may see more commercials than you'd expect on a TiVo, then, but the company undoubtedly hopes you won't mind when there's more to watch.

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