You can report traffic snarls in Google Maps for iOS

Google One is also offering rewards for buying the company's devices.

You no longer need an Android phone to report collisions and other traffic trouble in Google Maps. Google has brought road incident reporting to iOS, letting you flag problems without turning to an app like Waze. Whichever platform you use, Google is also expanding the range of reportable incidents to include construction, disabled cars, lane closures and objects on the road. You'll see both iOS support and the expanded categories roll out this week.

There are some treats in store if you're a Google One subscriber, too. People on "select" plans can get as much as 10 percent in Google Store credit when they buy a device or accessory from the shop. And if you were only thinking about One, buying a Pixel 4 will give you a three-month trial for the entry-level plan with 100GB of storage, upgraded support and Pro Sessions to make the most of your phone. This won't make up for the end to free full-quality photo storage, but it will help you decide if it's worth paying for that perk.

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