Windows users can now log in using Yubico security keys

A more secure way to log into a Windows device.

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Windows users can now log in using Yubico security keys

If you're looking to secure a device or you struggle to remember passwords, there's now a new option available. Hardware authentication manufacturer Yubico is updating its device support, now offering Windows login through its YubiKey security system.

The keys already support logging in to services like Gmail, Dropbox and LastPass, and can also be used to log in to Mac and Linux machines. Now the company has opened a public preview of its new application which enables using a key to log in to Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.

Yubico Login for Windows Application

As well as providing a more secure method for logging in, the Windows application comes with other features like enrollment for backup keys and recovery mechanisms in case you lose your hardware.

The advantage of a physical key is that it provides a high level of security without the need to remember passwords. The devices can help protect against cyberattacks such as phishing and have proven to be a popular security option among businesses. Yubico also recently teamed up with Google to offer its Titan Security Key through the Google Store.

To try out the Windows login application, you can download it from Yubico's website.

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