Apple TV+ adaptation of 'Foundation' will star Jared Harris and Lee Pace

It's not sparing any expense for the Isaac Asimov series.

Apple isn't cutting corners with its TV+ version of Isaac Asimov's Foundation. The tech giant has cast its first two stars for the show, choosing Chernobyl's Jared Harris (above) to play math genius Hari Seldon and Halt and Catch Fire's Lee Pace as the Emperor of the Galaxy, Brother Day. The show already had some pedigree behind it through showrunner David Goyer, who wrote Terminator: Dark Fate and is working on Netflix's The Sandman.

It's too soon to say when Foundation will premiere, although it's not likely to be ready for a long time given that it's still early days for the sci-fi show. This does illustrate Apple's long-term thinking, at least. It's increasingly determined to score major properties and secure deals with equally major personalities, and it clearly expects to be a serious contender long after TV+ debuts on November 1st.