Google's celebrity Q&A app Cameo comes to Android

The app invites public figures to post video responses to common internet questions.

Google is making it easier for public figures to interact with their audience following the expansion of its Cameos app. The app was released for iOS last year, but now it's available on Android too, as discovered by 9to5Google.

Cameo is designed for celebrities to answer questions about themselves "in their own style." Prominent people are invited to create video recordings of themselves answering popular questions from the internet, and their answers are then shown in Google's search results. Celebs who have used the service so far include Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant and model Karlie Kloss.

The Cameos app is an extension of the Posts on Google feature which lets verified individuals add information about themselves to search results, such as allowing prominent musicians to add updates or details about upcoming concerts to Google's Knowledge Panel that appears at the top of search pages.

It is also a riff on Instagram's popular Q&A format, where followers can ask Instagram users questions that they answer in a Story. Anyone can download the Google Cameos app for Android from the Play Store, but users need to request access by filling out a form to actually use the service.

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