AT&T offers the LG G8X with a 'free' Dual Screen case (updated)

It's coming to the US carrier on November 1st.

Updated ·1 min read

If you want a US-ready folding phone but feel the Galaxy Fold is well beyond your price range, you now have an alternative -- if you don't mind two main displays instead of one, that is. AT&T has announced that it's carrying the LG G8X ThinQ starting on November 1st, with pre-orders starting just after midnight on October 25th. It'll normally cost $780, although you can snag it for $10 per month on a 30-month plan if you're adding a new line. And if you do add a new line, you'll get the virtually mandatory Dual Screen add-on for free.

We've asked AT&T about the availability of the Dual Screen for customers on existing lines.

Suffice it to say that the phone becomes a tougher sell if you don't get that attachment for free, though. It's an upgrade over the regular G8 with a larger 6.4-inch OLED screen, a larger 4,000mAh battery and an updated interface, but it's not a fundamental shift in design or performance. If you're content with a single screen, some of the other more conventional designs might fit the bill.

Update 10/22 1:54PM ET: AT&T tells Engadget that the Dual Screen will be available by itself for $200 after the free promotion. That's not an exorbitant price, but you will have to think carefully about how much you want an extra display.