Microsoft's 'most-limited' Xbox One controller will cost $100

And there's only 1,000 of these to be had.

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Richard Lawler
October 29th, 2019
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As Microsoft prepares for a "global celebration of everything Xbox" X019 event scheduled to take place in London next month, it's including a limited edition treat for those who like to combine fashion and gaming. This special edition gamepad sports an Aquabrush camouflage print made by DPM Studio, which is a division of the London streetwear brand Maharishi.

Usually their exclusive drops come in the form of sneakers or jackets, but the DPM X019 Exclusive controller gets the nod for a 1,000 units-and-then-they're-gone run, on sale for $100 US. The design is said to include references to iconic local landmarks and celebrate the rich culture of the UK.

While "limited quantities" will be sold each day at X019 and Microsoft's new London store, most can snag it online via the Microsoft Store on November 14th at 5 PM ET, immediately after the Inside Xbox stream. There's also some similarly-branded apparel and free wallpapers, perfectly suited to help Xbox-playing hypebeasts complete the look. The rest of us will have to settle for games, services like xCloud or, hopefully, a peek at next-gen Project Scarlett hardware.

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