Amazon surprise releases 'Jack Ryan' season two a day early

Happy halloween!

In a move that is surprisingly rare, Amazon Prime has decided to release the new season for one of its flagship shows a few hours early. Season two of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is available now, so fans don't have to wait until 3AM to binge. If you're avoiding trick or treating, then it might make for a good watch, plus it gets Amazon's series out of the way of Apple TV+ and its flood of content -- quality notwithstanding -- that will launch tonight.

Series star John Krasinski announced the release on his Twitter account this afternoon, so you can watch it right now -- and in 4K if you have the right hardware. Season two also features Wendell Pierce, Michael Kelly and Noomi Rapace. Netflix pulled a similar stunt for Orange is the New Black a few years ago, we'll see if this remains a rare event, or if streamers decide to give binge watchers a break on staying up late to see everything first.

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