'PUBG Mobile' Payload Mode adds helicopters and airstrikes

You can also bring back lost teammates.

PUBG on your phone is about to get decidedly more lethal. Tencent has introduced a promised Payload Mode to PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS that adds both aerial combat and the means to defend yourself. You can fly in attack helicopters to wreak havoc on the ground, and fight back with rocket and grenade launchers as well as a minigun. You can also draw on airstrikes to level the playing field.

There are perks on the ground as well. PUBG Mobile is borrowing a cue from Apex Legends by adding an option to "recall" lost teammates if you can bring their ID cards to communication towers. Vehicle repair packs can keep your UAZ going if you'd rather not abandon it mid-drive. And if you've liked the Walking Dead collaboration, you can snag the Rick Grimes skin from now until November 8th.

Payload Mode brings some differentiation to the mobile version of the game -- the 'full' PUBG is still largely focused on ground combat. It probably won't convince you to shift your attention to PUBG Mobile, but it could give you a reason to play on your phone beyond simple convenience.

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