'PUBG Mobile' update adds Sanhok map and new weapons

Anti-cheating measures are also included.

PUBG Mobile's recruited 20 million daily active users (outside of Korea, Japan, and China) in just six months. To celebrate, Bluehole is giving gamers a massive update led by the arrival of the Sanhok map. That also means new weapons (Flare Gun, QBZ, Muscle Car and Bulletproof UAZ), along with a new Season Page that shows all your data -- including titles, highest tier reached and more -- and the usual gameplay improvements, this time tweaking the chat system, clan rankings, air drop items, and friends list, among others.

Sanhok, previously known as Savage, is a 4x4 tropical island map (making it smaller than the others in the game) that got its debut on PC in June and arrived on Xbox One this month. It now joins the Russian map Erangel and divisive sand map Miramar on mobile.

The update also brings anti-cheating measures that target shady plug-ins. Plus a new report button on the Spectator Mode, Basic Information, and Results screens means players can alert PUBG Corp of any bad actors. Bluehole's anti-cheat system provider BattlEye said in February that it had banned 1,044,000 PUBG cheaters the previous month, but warned things "continue to escalate".