TikTok-owner Bytedance reveals its first smartphone

It's called the Jianguo Pro 3, and it's being released by Smartisan.

The rumored smartphone by TikTok's owner ByteDance is now available. The Nut Jianguo Pro 3 is ByteDance's first smartphone. It's a continuation of work by the Chinese phone maker Smartisan (which partially explains the name), and it's being released under the Smartisan brand.

As we learned earlier this year, ByteDance acquired a bunch of Smartisan patents and talent. ByteDance then helped make the Jianguo Pro 3 and packed it with branded features. Apparently, it didn't decide to change the naming scheme.

Users will be able to launch Douyin -- the Chinese version of TikTok -- by swiping up on the lock screen, Abacus reports. They'll also be able to apply TikTok effects and filters to videos of any length. So, while the phone might still be under the Smartisan brand, it will give ByteDance a dedicated device and platform to share its apps and features in new ways.

The Jianguo Pro 3 is on sale in China and starts at 2,899 yuan (about $412). It comes with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855+ chipset, up to 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and four cameras.

Update 11/02/19 11:41PM ET: The official name of this phone is Jianguo Pro 3, not Nut Pro 3 (though "jianguo" does translate to "nut"). This article has been updated to reflect this correction.