Get ready for a week of fitness and health tech on Engadget

The best equipment and apps for making you faster, stronger, fitter.

Health and fitness tech is constantly evolving, making it easier to track your habits and progress. But it's not just Apple Watch ECGs, Couch 2 5K apps and smart kettlebells. A lot of features and services only require a smartphone you probably already own, while other advances can liberate people with mobility issues and disabilities.

It's also big business, with a constant barrage of new wearables and fitness watches, apps and subscription services promising to make you healthier, stronger and fitter. How do you find the right device for you? How do you even start without spending a fortune? This week we'll be sharing advice across a variety of topics, including the best fitness wearables for any goal, and the smartest ways to get fit without breaking the bank. We're also helping you equip yourself to stay motivated with your longterm fitness goals and lay out some of the best gadgets for keeping people independent in their later years, spanning mobility, sight and hearing.

We're kicking things off with a guide to the best workout headphones, which is live now. We'll be running a new story each day throughout the week.