Barsys Smart Coaster tells you how to pour the perfect cocktail

It changes colors to indicate when to start and stop pouring each ingredient.

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Mixing a cocktail requires skill and precision -- or the Barsys Smart Coaster. The new device is a small disc that connects to the Barsys app. To mix a drink, you simply place a glass or pitcher on the smart coaster and select the drink you'd like to make. The app will tell you which ingredients to add and the coaster will change colors indicating when to start and stop pouring each ingredient.

Barsys wants to make mixing a cocktail as easy as grabbing a beer or pouring a glass of wine. "Most people don't realize how many great cocktails they can make from just a few simple ingredients. All they're missing is the know how to put it together," Barsys Founder and CEO Akshet Tewari said in a press release.

When the coaster officially launches in December, it will sell for $149. That makes it an affordable alternative to the company's $1,500-robotic bartender and other "Keurig of cocktails" devices.

Customers who pre-order the coaster can get the device for $95. All pre-orders will also get a free Barsys Electromagnetic Mixer, which sits on top of the coaster and automatically stirs cocktails. In the meantime, you can peruse the free Barsys app and start picking the cocktails you'll make.

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