Segway's first electric dirt bikes arrive in early 2020

The X160 and X260 promise a cross between dirt and mountain biking.

Segway-Ninebot technically makes electric vehicles that go outside, but now it has machines designed explicitly for outdoor expeditions. The company has introduced two Dirt eBike models, the X160 and X260, that are billed as crosses between conventional dirt bikes and mountain bikes. While we wouldn't call them radical departures from the norm, they can be customized using "standard motor parts" and use swappable batteries.

The X160 is the smaller bike meant for places where agility matters more than power. It only has an estimated 40.4-mile range and a 31.1MPH top speed, but it might be better for maneuvering on twisty trails thanks to its 17-inch wheels and overall more compact frame. The X260 is considerably more powerful with a 74.6-mile range and a 46.6MPH top speed, although its 19-inch wheels make it clear this is for more open-air environments.

Both bikes launch in the first quarter of 2020 at prices of $3,000 for the X160 and $4,500 for the X260. There will also be an Indiegogo campaign starting November 25h for those determined to get in early. You might not scramble to buy one unless you're already in the market, but look at it this way: it'll go nicely with your Segway e-skates.