Best Buy's massive Apple sale includes a $250 iPad offer

Save hundreds of dollars on iPads, HomePods and more.

Best Buy has already unveiled its Black Friday ad, but if you're in the market for some new Apple gear you can get your hands on some pretty hefty discounts right now. There are good deals to be had across the board, but its deals on iPads, HomePods and Apple Watches are where the major savings are.

First up, the iPad (with our score of 86/100), where Best Buy members can get either $80 or $100 off a range of models, including the latest version. One of the highlights is the Wi-Fi 32GB Space Gray model for just $249.99.

Then there's the iPad Pro (84) -- again, a lot of options here but you're looking at either $150 or $200 off. Considering getting a HomePod (79)? Now's the time, with a chunky $100 off the usual price of $300.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 4 (87) may have been discontinued in light of the Series 5, but you can still get your hands on one, and in Best Buy's sale they start at just $299 -- the lowest price we've seen yet.

There are also a whole bunch of savings to be had on MacBooks and iPhones. Some of them require you to be a Best Buy member, but it's free to sign up. It's also a limited time sale, so move quickly to snap up the best offers. There's also free shipping on everything to help sweeten the deal.

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