Xbox One test offers 'surprise' suggestions for what to play

Let your game console decide.

If you've ever struggled to decide what to play on your console, you can relax -- the Xbox One might choose for you. Microsoft has rolled out an Alpha Skip-Ahead preview for the Xbox One with a "surprise me" button in the My Games & Apps section that can help you decide what to play next. It's not clear if this is completely random or guided by your habits, but it could make things easy if you're unsure whether you should play Call of Duty or a charming indie title.

The preview also includes an easier way to customize your dashboard. Hit the View button on your gamepad and you'll see a screen that makes it easier to set up your home page the way you prefer. This is a very early release, so it could be a while before this reaches more reliable Xbox One software releases. Should that be no obstacle, though, this might be the solution you need the next time you're wracked by indecision.