Traeger WiFi grills monitor your wood pellet supply with an $80 sensor

Until now, the feature was reserved for the pricey Timberline Series.

When Traeger debuted its 2019 lineup of grills, one feature reserved for most expensive models is a sensor that will help you avoid "pellet panic." It's a tool that monitors the amount of pellets in the grill's hopper and alerts you when you're running low. Or if you happen to have the grill on while you're at the store, you can check to see if you need to pick up a refill. It can be a handy thing if you're doing longer cooks where you might not be near the grill the entire time. Starting today, Traeger is offering the same feature on the more affordable Pro and Ironwood Series models with an $80 upgrade.

Traeger's pellet sensor is easy to install. Once you've drained the hopper, you only need to remove a rubber plug and two screws. From there, you connect the sensor to a plug, tuck in the wires and mount the accessory in place. Your grill should automatically detect the sensor, which will display the pellet level as a percentage in both the on-grill menu and the Trager app. The info is sent to your mobile device alongside temperature and other grill details. And when you're running low on pellets, the sensor will send an alert to let you know its time for a refill.

The pellet sensor only works with the 2019 Pro Series and Ironwood grills that have Traeger's D2 WiFire system onboard. More specifically, that's the Pro 575, Pro 780, Ironwood 650 and Ironwood 885. If you have an older Pro Series grill or the 2018 Timberline, this won't work with those models.

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