'West of Dead' is a fast-paced shooter starring Ron Perlman

It's out on Xbox One in open beta, and will hit PS4, Switch and PC next year.

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Raw Fury/Upstream Arcade
Raw Fury/Upstream Arcade

After it popped up in the Microsoft Store perhaps a little earlier than intended, twin-stick shooter West of Dead is available in open beta on Xbox One. You'll play as the Ghost Rider-esque William Mason, who's voiced by Ron Perlman of Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy fame.

The bounty hunter with a flaming skull for a head can tactically use cover while battling undead outlaws and beasts in Purgatory, Wyoming in 1888. Upstream Arcade developed West of Dead, which is a roguelike that uses procedural generation for its stylish environments.

The open beta runs until November 25th. If you can kill a Wendigo by then, you'll claim a trophy you can take into the full game. West of Dead will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass next year, as well as PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC (on Steam, GOG and the Microsoft Store).

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