'Detroit: Become Human' is coming to PC on December 12th

The androids sent by Cyberlife are ready for your computer.

It took a while, but the PC version of Detroit: Become Human is nearly here. Quantic Dream has revealed that the Windows edition will be available through the Epic Games Store on December 12th, with pre-orders available now. A demo including the game's opening scene will be available at the same time. As the developer has stressed, this isn't a simple port of the PS4 title. It touts a redesigned interface to take advantage of PC input methods, and it can take advantage of a sufficiently beefy PC to play at 4K and 60 frames per second.

When we reviewed Detroit, we found that it wasn't the deepest exploration of ideas. The game uses androids to ask questions about race relations in the US and what it means to be human, but seldom offers profound insights into either. At the same time, it has tremendous replayability -- the sheer number of paths for Connor, Kara and Markus makes it easy to come back and try things a little differently. Whether or not you're satisfied with the social commentary (or lack thereof), you might just have a good time.