'Diablo IV' team reveals early thoughts on dungeons, level caps

Blizzard only just announced Diablo IV a couple of weeks ago, but it's already provided some key updates on the game's development. In an attempt to repair a fractured relationship with the community that dates back further than the last few months of controversy -- remember the Diablo Immortal reveal last year? -- a recent update is exposing some of the developer's thoughts on system design. That's crucial for a loot-focused experience like Diablo so players feel both challenged and rewarded for their efforts, so explaining ahead of time how skill trees, items and progressions will work and getting some feedback is a good idea.

One interesting aspect is that Lead Systems Designer David Kim says the team is considering the choice between an infinite or finite leveling and experience system. One version he discussed has a level cap that gives way to a second experience system for players who want to go further into the game, acknowledging that while some people want a feeling of completion, others could go on indefinitely in pursuit of higher ranks.

A demo at BlizzCon 2019 featured locked "skill slots" in its UI, but apparently skill selection will remain open in the final game. Also, they're "revisiting" the inclusion of ancient items after feedback from players.

Whatever the team decides, fans of the series can expect to hear more in February. While the game doesn't have a release date yet, the plan is to provide quarterly behind-the-scenes updates on its development, and that's when we'll get the first one.