After Math: The future of transportation is electrifying

But don't sell your gas engines for scrap just yet.

As we wrap up a week of LA Auto Show news, two themes become apparent: we are well on our way towards electric drivetrains being the rule rather than the exception, and you should always ensure that your unshatterable windows are indeed unshatterable before heading on-stage for the livestream.


Bollinger's badass EV utility trucks arrive in 2021

Looking for a heavy-duty work truck that can scale the walls of Mordor without a drop of gasoline? Then get ready to pay $125,000 and wait two years for the Bollinger Motors B1.


Volkswagen's Space Vizzion concept brings electricity to a wagon

An all-electric wagon from Volkswagen you say? Where do I sign up? With a 300 mile range, the VW Space Vizzion puts the wood panel-clad people movers from yesteryear to shame. It even comes with integrated electric skateboards to zip you through the proverbial "last mile" of your commute!


Tesla unveils its Cybertruck, with a price starting at $39,900

Multiple people at every management levels of Tesla signed off on this.


Mercedes' EQC electric SUV will start at $67,900 in the US

Americans L-O-V-E love their SUVs so it should come at no surprise that automakers across the industry are scrambling to outfit them with fully-electric, or at least hybrid, drivetrains. Luxury brands are no exception with Porsche, Bentley, Tesla and now Mercedes designing EV SUVs. Mercedes' latest offering is the EQC. There's no word on its estimated range just yet but given its dual motors can output north of 400 HP, rest assured you'll get there fast.


Toyota's RAV4 Prime will be the second-fastest vehicle in its lineup

The only thing Americans love more than their SUVs are, apparently, Toyota's SUVs -- specifically the RAV4. It's already the single best-selling SUV on the market with more than 430,000 units sold this year alone. Those numbers are sure to further increase next summer when the hard-charging PHEV RAV4 Prime hits showroom floors. With a 5.8 second 0-60, the only car in the company's lineup that will beat it over the line is the upcoming Supra.