Spotify’s Sleep Timer is coming to the iPhone today

It’s like a time bomb but for sleep.

Starting today, iOS users can fall asleep to their Spotify playlists without having their rest disturbed later. Spotify Sleep Timer -- which has been available on the Android version of the app since May -- lets you select a countdown timer between five minutes and an hour. After the time has elapsed, the audio fades out so that "Pure Moods" isn't playing all night.

After selecting your music or an ambient sound, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and scroll down to "Sleep Timer" and select the timer length. If you don't have any go-to playlists for falling asleep, Spotify's Sleep Hub has plenty of suggestions to help you clear your mind and pass out.

While no one on the Engadget team has been able to access the feature, Spotify says Sleep Timer will roll out globally today.