NVIDIA's RTX GPUs will speed up Maya 2020 workloads

RTX support is also coming to the new Arnold 6 renderer.

Now that NVIDIA's RTX graphics cards are boosting performance for Adobe's Creative Cloud suite and Blender, it was only a matter of time until Maya, the 3D creation tool widely used for Hollywood films and TV shows, joined the party. NVIDIA announced today that the upcoming Maya 2020 release will ship with a few new GPU-powered features. But most importantly, the app's default renderer, Arnold 6, will also take full advantage of the RTX cards' RT cores for ray tracing, as well as the Tensor Cores for AI-powered denoising. Basically, anyone running one of the new RTX notebooks, desktop cards or servers should see some helpful speed boosts when rendering with the new Autodesk software.

NVIDIA claims Autodesk and Arnold rendering will be "multiple times faster" than a dual-CPU server when using the RTX-accelerated features. That's not a huge surprise, though we'd be interested to see just how much faster RTX-powered rendering differs from NVIDIA's last generation of GPUs.

While most of the speed gains will come from Arnold 6's RTX support, Maya 2020 will also get a few workflow improvements from NVIDIA's new GPUs. There's a new Proximity Wrap deformer with better memory management, as well as improved Smooth Mesh Preview, which can help you get a handle on large scenes that might overload your memory on a typical workstation.